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Clinical Research

View clinical research articles about zirconia including retention, strength, and reduction.

Journal of Advanced Prosthodontics

Wear of Primary Teeth Caused by Opposed All-Ceramic or Stainless Steel Crowns

Jae-Won Choi, Ik-Hyun Bae, Tae-Hwan Noh, Sung-Won Ju, Tae-Kyoung Lee, Jin-Soo Ahn, Tae-Sung Jeong, Jung-Bo Huh

This study was conducted to evaluate the effects of full-coverage all-ceramic zirconia, lithium disilicate glass-ceramic, leucite glass-ceramic, or stainless steel crowns on antagonistic primary tooth wear.

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AAPD Pediatric Dentistry Journal

Clinical Evaluation and Parental Satisfaction With Pediatric Zirconia Anterior Crowns

Daniel M. Holsinger, DDS, MDS, Martha H. Wells, DMD, MS, Mark Scarbecz, PhD, Martin Donaldson, DDS

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the clinical success of and parental satisfaction with anterior pediatric zirconia crowns.

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Retentive Strengths for Prefabricated Primary Molar Zirconia Crowns Using Five Different Cements

Luz Adriana Rosato, DDS, MSD, Jung-Wei Chen, DDS, MS, PhD, Clyde Roggenkamp, DDS, MSD, MPH, Jui-Min Su, DDS, MS

To assess retentive strengths of 5 commercially available cements with prefabricated primary molar zirconia crowns.

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Accessibility Title

Comparison of Retentive Strengths Among Four Different Prefabricated Primary Posterior Zirconia Crowns

Christine Jihae Kim, DDS, Jung-Wei Chen, DDS, MS, PhD, Clyde Roggenkamp, DDS, MSD, MPH, Jui-Min Su, DDS, MS, Luz Adriana Cuellar, DDS, MSD.

To assess retentive strengths of four commercially available posterior primary prefabricated zirconia crowns using a novel epoxy-resin block anchorage system.

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