Use HemeRx for Simple and Superior

Sprig’s HemeRx Retraction Pellets deliver simple and superior hemostasis management for all kinds of pediatric restorative procedures.

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Better Formula.
Better Results. Only from HemeRx.

Each HemeRx pellet contains .55mg of racemic epinephrine to deliver fast and profound hemostasis and gingival retraction precisely where you need it. Unlike ferric sulfate and aluminum chloride products, our formula won’t stain composite or Zirconia crowns and doesn’t run immediately on placement. Better yet, our advanced formula has no risk of contamination for today’s adhesive and bioregenerative procedures.



Essential Hemostasis

Hemostasis is paramount to the lasting clinical efficacy of Zirconia and strip crowns, subgingival composite restorations, and pulp therapy. HemeRx allows dentists to achieve superior hemostasis and retraction at an affordable price point.


Fewer Frustrations

Ferric sulfate and aluminum chloride products often leave an unpleasant taste in patients’ mouths. Our solution is tasteless and doesn’t run on placement. Just moisten and place. No hassles. No frustrations.

Common Q's



How many HemeRx pellets are used at a time for optimal hemostasis?

It depends on the procedure and how much bleeding is present:

  • Zirconia crown placement: 2-4 per tooth
  • Pulpotomy: 1-2 per tooth
  • Strip crown/composite restoration: 1-2 per tooth

Do I need to wet HemeRx pellets before use?

Quickly dipping them in water will activate the epinephrine faster.


How long do I leave HemeRx pellets in place?

Usually 1-2 minutes for water moistened pellets. Direct pressure with a moist 2×2 gauze during this time will improve hemostasis.


What is the best location to place HemeRx pellets?

Start with one pellet on each side interproximally. If the bleeding is diffused, an extra pellet may be added to the buccal and/or lingual.


What instruments work well to place HemeRx pellets?

For optimal placement, use cotton forceps to place the pellets. Then, use a composite instrument to push them subgingivally.