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Sprig Oral Health Technologies, Inc.

Sprig is pediatric dentistry’s leading technology and clinical education company. Since creating the first pediatric Zirconia crown, Sprig has continued to develop new and better solutions, from patented crown design that maximizes mechanical retention to a custom bur system that optimizes seating. Sprig leads the way in professional education through Sprig University, a celebrated continuing education program that teaches proprietary prep and seating techniques to help reduce chair time, alleviate clinical frustrations and grow dental practices. Sprig is constantly pushing the boundaries of pediatric dental innovation to ensure the next generation has next generation care.

The Sprig Timeline

Interactive Timeline



Dr. John Hansen and Dr. Jeffrey Fisher make the decision to found EZPEDO, Inc. and develop the world’s first pediatric Zirconia crown.



First Prototype

First prototypes of pediatric Zirconia crowns are engineered and produced in Dr. Hansen’s cosmetic dental laboratory.

Sprig University


First Use

An EZPEDO Zirconia crown is seated on a pediatric patient for the first time.



Zir-Lock Launched

Zir-Lock retention feature with internal mechanical grooves is developed to dramatically improve clinical longevity.

Sprig University


Website Launched

Space-Loss sized first molars are developed, the ezpedo.com website is launched, and Zirconia crowns are first offered for sale to pediatric dentists.



Relaxed Undercuts

EZ-Seat contour modifications are made to the occlusal profile and relaxed undercuts are introduced.

Sprig University


Glazed and Polished

Zir-Plus hybrid surface treatment developed with a synergistic use of glaze and polish for a nearly flawless combination of visual aesthetics and occlusal function.



EZPEDO University

Zir-Lock Ultra is introduced with the added benefits of Margin Lock. A design patent is granted for the Zir-Lock retention feature. EZPEDO University—dentistry’s premier, hands-on, over-the-shoulder instructional program in the use of pediatric Zirconia crowns—is launched.

Sprig University


Modified Contours

Second generation Posterior V2 crowns with Flat-Fit modified contours are introduced. Which require less tooth prep.



EZPEDO Magazine

EZPEDO Magazine launches. A bi-annual magazine featuring relevant cases and studies.

Sprig University


Rebrand Started

Siegelvision, an organizational identity consultancy in New York, is hired to initiate the process of repositioning EZPEDO as a next-generation, oral health technology company.



Rebrand Launched

EZPEDO rebrands to Sprig Oral Health Technologies, Inc. EZPEDO patents key crown features. Sprig introduces HemeRx, the first hemostatic agent for pediatrics, and SmartMTA, the first fast-set MTA for bioregenerative pulp therapy.

Sprig University


Henry Schein Dental Partnership

Sprig Oral Health Technologies, Inc partners up with Henry Schein Dental. Bringing customers the ability to receive on the ground support, as well as the convenience of ordering our products through the Henry Schein online catalog.

Henry Schein Dental Partnership


MDSAP Certification

Sprig Oral Health Technologies, Inc receives it’s MDSAP and European CE certificates, which opens up direct shipment to international customers.

Sprig University
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